Permits, Concessions & Volunteer Resources

Mission: To support the Forest Preserve District’s mission by connecting Cook County residents with their Preserves through meaningful and diverse special events, volunteer experiences, and permitted recreational activities.


Recreation, Volunteer Resources, and Permits is comprised of the following functional areas:


Golf and Concession Management:


  • Monitors performance of Billy Casper Golf Management to ensure full compliance with all contractual obligations in the operation of the District’s ten (10) golf courses and four (4) driving ranges.
  • Monitors the Oak Park Tennis Club, two (2) boat concessions, Aquatic Center concessions and ice cream vendors to ensure contract compliance.



Permits and Revenue Collection:


  • Issues all District permits for use of District lands and facilities including picnics, horse riding, dog friendly areas, snowmobiling, camping, soccer and other activities.
  • Performs oversight of all permit holders to ensure compliance with District requirements and insurance obligations.
  • Coordinates pre-picnic/event and post-picnic/event evaluations with relevant District departments and permits involving compliance with regulations, security deposit forfeiture or legal action if required.
  • Works with relevant District departments, the general public and other government entities to develop and implement permit and recreational activities policies and procedures to promote more effective/efficient use of preserves and resources.
  • Compiles files and provides information for and from the general public used in the issuance of permits.
  • Corresponds with permit holders regarding the status of their requests.
  • Maintains the permit reservation system and point of sale system.
  • Maintains all data related to Permit and Recreation activities and provides reports as needed.
  • Collects documents and reports all revenues from District fees, fines, concessions and special activities.



Volunteer Resources:


  • Recruits and supports ecosystem management with assistance from volunteer stewards. It coordinates the Preserve Keepers Corp Program consisting of high school students and citizens who assist the District in maintaining various trails, streams, lakeshores and picnic areas throughout the county.
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