Planning & Development

Mission: To plan, design, and implement capital improvements and restoration programs to forest preserve sites as well as oversee the District’s land acquisition program to preserve and expand the forest preserve lands and facilities.


The Planning and Development Department of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County contains six distinct sections:

    1. Landscape Architecture
    2. Building Architecture
    3. Engineering & Construction
    4. Real Estate & Licensing
    5. Geographic Information Systems


As a whole the Planning and Development Department is responsible for many varied tasks:


  • Master Plans and Needs Assessments
  • Capital Improvement Plans, Programs and Projects
  • Site and Facility Design Policy
  • Specifications for Construction Bid work
  • Public Outreach Meetings
  • Reviewing Plan and Specification Preparation by Consultants
  • Land Acquisition Plan and Site Evaluations
  • Review Outside Agency Plans Affecting the FPD
  • Maintain Real Estate Records of the District
  • Issue Licenses for Use of District Land by Outside Agencies and Oversee Same
  • Investigate Complaints and Encroachments
  • GIS maps and data for the District’s assets and land management activities


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