Resource Management

Mission: To educate and inform the public about the natural environment and stand as a leader in conservation programs that demonstrate the wise management, restoration, and use of our wildlife, fisheries, prairies, savannas, wetlands, and other significant habitats for the benefit of present and future generations.

The Department of Resource Management provides Environmental Education, Ecology and Biology, and Ecosystem Management services.


The Department conducts staff safety and habitat management training, supervises vegetation management contracts, and works with cooperating agencies to enhance the District’s mission to preserve, protect, restore and restock natural areas throughout the County.


The Fisheries Section manages lakes for recreational fishing. Lake management studies include population analyses, growth and reproduction rates, stocking needs, chemical and water analyses, vegetation control and erosion control.


Resource Ecology provides site analysis and produces ecological management plans and guides for staff and volunteers, compatible with other land uses and recreation, while enhancing the bio-diversity of District lands.


Wildlife Biology conducts population and disease studies, and provides control plans and activity when required.


Resource Field Crews carry out ecological management activities, including conducting controlled burns, remove hazard trees, and work with other agencies to control insect pests and address other vegetation health and safety issues.


Trails Management maintains hundreds of miles of multi-use trails across the District.

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