Sustainability Doctrine of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County


Lands within the Forest Preserve District of Cook County are among the most geologically unique and biologically rich in the United States. This ecological richness stems, in part, from the geologic and climatic factors of the last glacial advance, which left behind a tapestry of diverse habitats. As species from the east, south, and west colonized the area, a wealth of ecological communities developed across the region. Today, the Cook County region is a biodiversity hotspot, with impressively high species numbers of birds, plants, amphibians, reptiles, and many other organisms.


In order to ensure that the natural assets of our County are available to the generations of tomorrow—in an undiminished and even enriched state—Forest Preserve staff recognized the need to put sustainability at the heart of all operations and programs. Toward this goal, this Sustainability Doctrine was created to underscore the Forest Preserve District’s commitment to conserving the living communities under its care for current and future generations, to guide decisions and activities, and to foster deep support for the natural and cultural assets of the District among the citizens of Cook County.


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