Approved Vendors for Picnics & Events

Choose an approved vendor for inflatables, generators, tents and more.


Forest Preserves Picnic/Event permit holders can obtain Special Use Items (inflatables, generators, tents, chairs, etc.) directly through approved vendors without any additional insurance requirements.

Apply here to become an approved vendor. Inclusion on the approved vendor list does not guarantee any business from Forest Preserves permit holders.

How to Use an Approved Vendor


  1. Obtain a Forest Preserves Picnic/Event permit.
  2. Rent a Special Use Item(s) through a vendor listed below (make sure to provide a copy of your permit).
  3. Submit Approved Vendor rental agreement(s) and Permit Change Form (PDF) to the Forest Preserves.
  4. Forest Preserves reaches out to permit holder to collect payment (fees: $25 application fee + $10/item).
  5. Permit holder receives an updated permit with Special Use Item(s) included.


Please note:


  • Requests received less than two weeks prior to the event date may be denied or subject to a $25 late fee.
  • When using a non-approved vendor or a personally owned item, permit holders must apply directly with the Forest Preserves to obtain a Special Use Item permit.
  • Outdoor use of Special Use Items must end by 6 pm.
  • Fees paid to vendors do not include Forest Preserves permit fees.
  • Permit holders are not required to use approved vendors.


Approved Vendors

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