Trail Closures, Prescribed Burns and other Work


Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center related closures
A new nature play area and accessible garden and trail are now under construction. The old schoolhouse building will remain closed, along with the eastern portion of the Farm Pond Trail. The work should be completed in August — weather permitting. The Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center remains OPEN.

For remaining winter closures, check here.

The western section of the Poplar Creek Bike Path from Shoe Factory Rd to Golf Rd will be CLOSED  to cyclists and pedestrians until Wednesday March 26, 2014.  Trees are being removed next to the path in that area.  Please select a different route, until this section reopens.

The Centennial Trail will be closed from Willow Springs Road to Route 83 from May 15, 2013 until early 2016. As an alternate, bicyclists can use the John Husar I&M Canal Trail, which connects to Centennial Trail at Route 83. Click here for more details.



Poplar Creek Region – Trees are currently being REMOVED along trails  due to impacts from Emerald Ash Borer.  Removals are occurring from I-90 south along Sutton/59, Bartlett Rd, and Barrington Rd, until Schaumburg Rd.  Work should be completed by early summer 2014.

Busse Woods Area - Trees are currently being REMOVED -mostly due to impacts from Emerald Ash Borer, from I-90 south along Arlington Heights Rd, until Cosman Rd and along the paved bike trail and in several groves.  Removal work should be completed before April 2014.

Sag Valley Region Trails -  Trees are currently being REMOVED in the Sag Valley Division on trails due to impacts from Emerald Ash Borer. Removal work is beginning November 25, 2013 west of Teason’s Woods (104th Ave.) along the multi-use trails and will continue the winter months of 2014. Removals will start east of Teason’s Woods (104th Ave.) February 12, 2014. Removal work should be completed before April 2014.


Phase II – Archaeological investigations being conducted by National History Survey to determine past inhabitants along the alignment of the future trail. Trees marked with white paint at this point have been identified to be worked around and the District will make every effort to avoid damage or removal of these trees during construction.




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