Sledding & Coasting

Sledding fun at Caldwell Woods

Nothing says winter fun like sledding and coasting.


Sledding hills are open when the ground is frozen and covered with a minimum of three inches of snow. Public safety requires the temporary closing of some Forest Preserves parking areas during the winter season. However, our maintenance department prioritizes the clearing of parking areas serving winter activities. Always call ahead to make sure sledding hills and parking areas are open.


Sledding Hills (with lighting)


Sledding hills with lighting are staffed and open Sunday – Thursday: 10am – 7:30pm; Friday-Saturday: 10am – 8:30pm daily when conditions allow.

Caldwell Woods

Milwaukee Ave & Devon Ave, Chicago (map)

Dan Ryan Woods West

87th St & Western Ave, Chicago (map)

Swallow Cliff Woods North

Calumet Sag Rd/Route 83, west of LaGrange Road, Palos Park (map)
*Requires a minimum of 6 inches of snow

Westchester Woods

Cermak Road, east of LaGrange Road, Westchester (map)


Sledding Hills (without lighting)


Sledding hills without lighting are open 10 am to sunset daily when conditions allow.

Deer Grove, Picnic Grove #4

Quentin Road, north of Dundee Road, Palatine (map)

Deer Grove, Picnic Grove #5

Quentin Road, north of Dundee Road, Palatine (map)


Pioneer Woods

107th St, 1/2 mile west of LaGrange Road, Willow Springs (map)

Thaddeus S. “Ted” Lechowicz Woods

Central Ave, 1/2 mile south of Caldwell Ave, Chicago (map)

Schiller Woods East

Irving Park Rd, west of Cumberland Ave, Schiller Park (map)


Sledding Hill Rules and Regulations


  • Forest Preserves of Cook County sledding hills are open when there is a minimum of 3″ of snow and the ground is frozen.
  • Use of Forest Preserves of Cook County sledding hills is at visitor’s own risk.
  • Proper use of appropriate sledding devices which are in good repair and have no sharp edges is required.
  • Use of skis, non-winter style tubes, carpets, snowboards, toboggans and metal-railed sleds is strictly prohibited.
  • Unauthorized building of ramps, bumps, moguls, hills or jumps out of a material or substance is strictly prohibited.
  • Children under the age of 12 should wear a bicycle or multi-sport helmet and must be supervised by an adult.
  • Sledding hills may be closed due to a lack of snow cover or for any other safety or environmental-related reason.
  • Pets and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited on sledding hills.
  • Forest Preserves staff reserves the right to refuse admittance to sledding hills anyone who fails to comply with the documented and posted Sledding Hills Rules and Regulations.
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