Camp Bullfrog Lake

Did You Know? FPCC Campgrounds Can Be Used For Retreats, Corporate Meetings

Planning a big event, and looking for a unique location to welcome guests? Consider the Forest Preserves of Cook County campgrounds! Did you know our campgrounds can be used for a variety of large events, including family reunions, corporate retreats and weddings?

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Artist in Residence: Wednesday, June 14 – Workshop Day!

The neighbors in Cabin 7 knocked on my door just as I was having coffee, wondering if I would like to share their breakfast of eggs, orange juice, sausage, toast and chorizo. Wow, teachers know how to cook! I had plenty of food to share myself, so insisted on contributing my supply of eggs. We had a lovely meal and chat, then I had to excuse myself to get ready for the workshop and a visit from a DePaul University Environmental Studies graduate, who also had an interest in scientific illustration and visual communications.

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Artist in Residence: Tuesday, June 13

Today I had a mid-morning interview for a women's arts publication on the east coast by fellow artist Elaine Luther. It is hot and sunny, and the air is still. Rather than brave the heat outside, today I finished up the rest of the watercolor journals, sewing a few more blocks and gluing the covers onto the completed text blocks.  

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Artist in Residence: Monday, June 12

Up at 7:00 am, slept through phone alarm for 6:15 am, but I'm not on a schedule today! It's a beautiful day. I slept well on my bunk bed mattress. For breakfast I had leftover coffee from Sunday with milk, orange juice, and oatmeal squares with 2 percent. I brought a camp stove, but in this heat, I'm just as happy with simpler, cold foods.

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Artist in Residence: Sunday, June 11

Camp Bullfrog Lake cabins are beautiful and breezy. Everything looks brand new and super-clean, even though the cabins are already two years old. Two large double-hung windows with screens, and doors at each end of the bunk walls, provide lots of cross-ventilation. There's a high-power recirculating fan in the ceiling, too. I brought a small oscillating fan just in case.

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Forest Preserves of Cook County to Host Artist in Residence

Spending time in nature can be both relaxing and inspiring, creating an urgency for those with creative flair to, well, create. With nearly 70,000 acres of wild and wonderful scenery throughout Cook County, the Forest Preserves provide beautiful spaces to escape to for much needed rest, rejuvenation and artistic inspiration.

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