Friends of the Chicago River

Forest Preserves of Cook County, Friends of the Chicago River Join Together to Help Turtles

Through a partnership between the Forest Preserves of Cook County and Friends of the Chicago River, a multi-tiered project designed to have direct impact on Cook County’s wildlife has been underway for several years, with a goal of positively benefitting the reproductive success of osprey, bats and turtles. Recently, the organizations met up to place transmitters on turtles to understand exactly how well the project is working.

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New Condos (with River Views) Help Bats Bounce Back

Each time a mosquito buzzes by your ear this summer, consider the plight of our local bats. In Cook County all bats are insect eaters—a single half-ounce little brown bat can eat half its body weight in insects each night. Nursing females can consume their full body weight or more.   Unfortunately, bat populations throughout the world have been hit hard by habitat loss, pesticide use and white nose syndrome. That’s why last month Friends of the Chicago River, in coordination with the Forest Preserves, installed two bat “condos” (also known as maternity colonies) along the North Branch of the Chicago River to help our local bats. The project is part of a grant from an anonymous donor that will allow Friends to install four Osprey nesting platforms, restore 50 acres of turtle nesting habitat and install a total of six bat colonies over the next three years on Forest Preserves land.  

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Visit two of the treasures of the Forest Preserves of Cook County