Think you know the facts on bats?

Time for a Bat(ty) True or False Quiz

1. They’re the only mammals that fly.

2. Their wings have the same bone structure as our hands.

3. They can eat up to 25 percent of their own weight in one meal

4. They usually have excellent eyesight.

5. They are true hibernators. Throughout winter they eat nothing, surviving by slowly burning fat accumulated during summer.

6. They do not suck blood, though three of their near 1200 species do make tiny incisions with razor-sharp teeth and lap up the blood of animals.

7. Scientists are currently studying the saliva of certain species to develop new anticoagulant drugs that will prevent blood clots in heart patients.

8. Many of them reseed deforested land, and pollinate plants.

9. They are very clean and groom themselves just like cats.

10. Less than 1% of their worldwide population has rabies.

Bonus: They are afraid of humans.

Answers: all true.


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