Burnham Greenway Trail Extension

green lake at green lake woods
Green Lake.

The Forest Preserves of Cook County has begun a project to extend the Burnham Greenway Trail System, part of the Grand Illinois Trail. The addition of 1.3 miles of trail will connect the surrounding communities to the Green Lake Family Aquatic Center, Green Lake Woods and Sand Ridge Nature Center. At Torrence and Paxton Avenues, improvements will be made to existing street crossings, including new crosswalks and pedestrian signals.

Construction has now begun. Trees have been cleared along the trail corridor, and we anticipate winter work will include topsoil excavation and placement of the stone base for the length of the trail. The plans are for final grading, landscaping and paving to begin in early spring, with completion in September 2019.

In addition to the Forest Preserves’ project, the City of Calumet City will be constructing a trail on the east side of Torrence Avenue between 159th Street and Michigan City Road.

Both projects will offer local and regional patrons with a sustainable transportation option of biking and walking to better explore the Forest Preserves, South Holland and Calumet City areas. It can provide local businesses with an opportunity for economic growth.