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Day Hiking Leadership Training (Winter Edition)

people hiking in fall

Date & Time:

Sat, Nov 19 • 1 pm - 3 pm


Bemis Woods-North
Wolf Rd, south of 31st St
Cook County, IL 60523 (view web map)
(near Oak Brook)


Calling all teachers, group leaders & youth educators! Our Day Hiking Leadership Training program gets youth and groups of all ages outside by empowering teachers and group leaders with the skills and resources they need to lead safe and fun outdoor experiences. We will focus on:   

  • thoughtful trip planning 
  • risk management practices 
  • memorable outdoor activities
  • outdoor ethics
  • hiking best practices
  • appropriate gear and more 

Training will include two mandatory portions: an online portion available starting two weeks prior, consisting of classroom work and an in-person portion on Sept 20. In-person portion will include a group day hike, gear inventory and lending processes. Online portion must be complete prior to the in-person portion. Participants must be at least 18 years or older, be affiliated with institution and be present on hiking trips when borrowing gear. If interested, please email experience.camping@cookcountyil.gov with name and organization. 

Registration Required: Email experience.camping@cookcountyil.gov.


  • 312-533-5751
  • experience.nature@cookcountyil.gov