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Explore: Horsetail Lake

Horsetail Lake during the evening. Photo by Sharon Dobben.
Photo by Sharon Dobben.

Date & Time:

Sat, Feb 19 • 11 am - 1:30 pm


Horsetail Lake
104th Ave, north of McCarthy Rd
Cook County, IL 60464 (view web map)
(near Palos Park)


Adults and families, come explore with us at Horsetail Lake! Grabbing a self-guided exploration activity or join our staff on one of our guided hikes. Join a litter pickup and help cleaning up the preserve, warm up by a fire, and take home a nature activity to continue your adventure.

All visitors over 2 years of age must wear a mask indoors at all times. Unvaccinated visitors should also wear a mask outdoors when physical distancing (six feet from other people) is not possible.


  • 312-533-5751
  • experience.nature@cookcountyil.gov