Did You Know? There are 7 Native Woodpeckers in Cook County

If you’ve ever walked along a trail in a forest preserve, you’ve probably heard the fast drumming coming from up above. That noise is coming from woodpeckers, who are in search of food, communicating with others of their kind via “drumming,” or trying to build the perfect nesting site. In the US, there are 22 different native woodpecker species, and seven native woodpecker species can be found in Cook County.

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Did You Know? Dead Trees Play an Important Role

“Why don’t you clean up the dead trees in the forest?” is one of the most frequent questions residents ask the Forest Preserves’ Resource Management staff. While dead trees may not be the most attractive part of a forest, they are essential to its health. As dead wood is decomposed (by fungi, bacteria and other life forms) it aids new plant growth by returning important nutrients to the ecosystem.

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