People & Nature

A coyote at Yankee Woods.

Coyotes in Cook County

two white-tailed deer at Schiller Woods. Photo by Deep Shah.

Deer Diseases

A browse line—a distinct boundary with normal plant growth above and little or no plant growth below—at the height a deer can reach while eating.

Deer Management

Emerald ash borer adult. Photo credit: David Cappaert, Michigan State University,

Emerald Ash Borer Infestation

Deer at an illegal feeding site in Robinson Woods. Photo by Michael Kappel.

Feeding Wildlife

Busse Reservoir

Floodplain & Stormwater Management

Close-up anterior view of a Culex tarsalis mosquito. Photo credit: CDC / James Gathany

Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus

Magnified photo of a deer tick — also called a black-legged tick or bear tick (Scientific name: Ixodes scapularis).

Ticks and Disease

a white-tailed fawn resting at Caldwell Woods.

Wildlife in Distress