Sauk Trail Woods Vision Plan & Improvements

sauk lake

The Forest Preserves is making both short-term and long-term investments at Sauk Trail Woods. In 2022, the Connecting People to Nature Challenge will showcase what Sauk Trail Woods offers, aiming to encourage local residents to connect with nature and local groups to partner with the Forest Preserves to improve this forest preserve.

Additionally, the Forest Preserves is developing a 10-year vision plan for Sauk Trail Woods that will help guide improvements to existing buildings and amenities, as well as longer-term plans for investing in visitor amenities, promoting restoration efforts, and cultivating local relationships.

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Connecting People to Nature Challenge

The Forest Preserves is investing $1 million across three locations in Cook County through our Connecting People to Nature Challenge. How should we improve Sauk Trail Woods to better serve your community? What kind of events and activities would you like to be involved in there?

More details and opportunities to get involved coming soon.

Contact us at or call 708-771-1573 to be involved in future meetings and feedback opportunities.

10-Year Vision Plan

More information coming soon.

About Sauk Trail Woods

Sauk Trail Woods has something for everyone—a paved trail loop on the Thorn Creek Trail System, picnic groves shaded by giant oak trees, and a 29-acre lake for fishing and spotting migratory birds.