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Press Release: Forest Preserve District of Cook County Closes on Newest Land Acquisition

The Forest Preserve District of Cook County closed on its newest land acquisition, a 99.34 acre parcel located in the City of Chicago and the Village of Burnham known as the “Burnham Prairie Addition,” on Friday, December 16.

“The Burnham Prairie Nature Preserve is one of our richest and most diverse natural areas, with more than 200 native plant species, and significant wildlife habitats for birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles and insects,” said Forest Preserve District of Cook County General Superintendent Arnold Randall. “By acquiring this site, the District will buffer a unique natural resource and provide residents with the opportunity to experience and learn about a remnant of the native Illinois landscape.”

A portion of the cost for the land was covered by a grant from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development Program. Additional restoration work will be funded through grants from the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Coastal Wetland program

“Under the leadership of President Preckwinkle, the Forest Preserve District has made strategic land acquisitions that add to our forests, prairies and savannas a key priority. With this newest addition, we will end the year with a total of 170 new acres in our system,” said Randall.

The District will begin work on the area in Spring 2012.

The Burnham Prairie Nature Preserve and Addition are located directly south of the Grand Calumet River and east of Muskegon Avenue in the City of Chicago and the Village of Burnham.


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