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Remembering Dr. Donna Alexander

Dr. Donna Alexander with her dog Leroy Brown.
Dr. Donna Alexander with her dog Leroy Brown.

Dr. Donna Alexander, who served as the administrator for Cook County Animal & Rabies Control, was a dedicated leader and strong advocate for the wellbeing of animals in Cook County.

“Dr. Alexander cared deeply for how residents and animals—both wild and domestic—cohabitated safely in Cook County, and her expertise and support was a major factor in numerous initiatives in which our agencies partnered,” says Arnold Randall, General Superintendent of the Forest Preserves of Cook County.

Dr. Alexander ran the Cook County Animal and Rabies Control Environmental Task Force, of which FPCC was a key member. This cooperative program, which tracks animal-borne diseases across the county, is the model for successful disease monitoring and is the envy of large cities across the country.

“The Environmental Task Force was designed to protect humans and pets by anticipating disease emergence and providing information to the public for avoiding infection,” explains Chris Anchor, senior wildlife biologist for the Forest Preserves. “Dr. Alexander understood the importance of this program for predicting and preventing animal related disease outbreaks.”

In addition to the Environmental Task Force, Dr. Alexander was also a key partner in the 20-year Urban Coyote Research Project. Cook County Animal & Rabies Control provides support for the study due to their interest in disease monitoring and wildlife-to-domestic animal interactions.

The Forest Preserves of Cook County is grateful for Dr. Alexander’s leadership and support. She will be greatly missed.

Photo provided by Cook County.