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Volunteer Spotlight: Winter Workdays

a volunteer throwing invasive brush onto a fire at Brookfield Woods

Most people assume that when the temperature drops and the snow falls, habitat restoration volunteers pack up their tools and stay home on the couch, binging on episodes of Downton Abbey and House of Cards while waiting for spring. But that’s not the case.

Winter is actually a very busy time for habitat restoration. Volunteers are out in force, focused on cutting invasive brush that’s poised to crowd out the native plant community when it warms up again.

The vigorous work, usually done around a burning brushpile, makes the experience very comfortable, so long as the weather is reasonable (read: 25 degrees out, not –45 degree windchills). The Chicago Tribune recently reported on several other unique benefits of doing habitat restoration during the winter as well.

Winter workdays are critical for maintaining the health of the forest preserves, and nothing is a better cure for cabin fever. We hope you’ll join us! Find a workday near you.