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We Don’t Need Your Pumpkins and Yard Waste!

Children painting pumpkins at River Trail Nature Center.

Residents should not dump leaves, yard clippings, fallen branches or any yard waste into the Forest Preserves of Cook County. Instead, your yard waste belongs:

In your yard: Beneficial native insects spend the winter in the ground, under leaf litter and even in the stems of dead plant material—improving the soil and providing food for birds.

In your compost bin: Set up a compost bin or pay for a composting service in your area. It reduces rat issues, methane gas, and protects the preserves.

In a commercial composting facility: Ask your city, town or village if they have a composting program.

Using a lawn service? Ask them what happens to your yard waste and let them know that the Forest Preserves doesn’t need it.

Do you have pumpkin waste but not compost bins? Take them here: scarce.org/pumpkins/

Not convinced?

People caught dumping pumpkins (or anything) in the Forest Preserves can be fined up to $500. If it costs the Forest Preserves (taxpayers) more to remove it, you will be charged more.