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Wood Ducks Make Unique Parents

Wood duck photo featuring words: I'm an Odd Duck

These breeding and parenting practices have led to success for wood ducks.

diagram of wood duck chicks jumping from a tree to the ground
  • Pick early: Choosing mates as early as January, most arrive to spring breeding grounds paired up.
  • Nest high: Wood ducks nest in existing tree cavities or in elevated human-made nest boxes.
  • Don’t play favorites: Females often engage in egg dumping (or laying eggs in another wood duck’s nest). Victims of egg dumping will incubate the imposter eggs and raise the ducklings as their own.
  • Expect big things: Shortly after the ducklings hatch, the female leaves the nest and calls for them to join her. Lucky ducklings have a short run or scramble to the water, but some will jump from as high as 50 feet on to solid ground without injury.

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