Law Enforcement

Mission: To uphold and enforce all state, county, and forest preserve district laws and ordinances in order to serve and protect citizens visiting the forest preserve and protect the property and natural lands of the district.

To contact the Forest Preserves of Cook County Department of Law Enforcement, call 708-771-1001. Call 911 in an emergency.


The Department of Law Enforcement patrols the District’s holdings twenty-four (24) hours per day, 365 days per year. The District is divided into three (3) patrol areas throughout the County.


Officers of the District patrol their area of responsibility in varied ways, such as: Patrol Cars, four Wheel drive vehicles, Foot Patrols, Snowmobiles, K-9, Watercraft, and all Terrain Vehicles. Forest Preserve District Police Officers are State Certified Professionals who receive the finest training available and are expected to generally when on duty to devote their time and attention to the enforcement of ordinances, rules and regulations of the Forest Preserve District and the laws of the State of Illinois.


It is their duty to develop good public relations, to direct and assist the public in the proper use and enjoyment of the forest preserves, to perform such other duties pertaining to the welfare of the public and the operation of the District as may be assigned to them by their supervisors in command, and to maintain to the best of their ability, peace, order and quiet within the territory under the jurisdiction of the District.

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