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Trail Requests


Requests can be made for new trail construction, trail improvements or the official recognition of existing trails. Requests will be considered on a rolling basis throughout the year in a two-step process:

  1. Initial screening within approximately 10 business days
  2. Further review and decision by the Forest Preserves’ Trail & Recreation Committee within 90 days after initial screening


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Other Requests


All other capital improvement requests will be evaluated as part of the annual update to the 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Receipt of requests will be acknowledged within approximately 10 business days and forwarded to the Forest Preserves Department of Planning & Development. Although every effort will be made to address safety concerns and smaller repair requests right away, review and decisions on most capital improvement requests will not be made until the fall of each year as part of the annual CIP update process.


The annual update to the CIP process begins in July of each year. Unfunded requests from prior years are updated and evaluated along with new requests. All requests are evaluated for consistency with the Guiding Principles of the CIP. In the past, these principles have included public health safety, access and convenience, comprehensive planning, engaging new forest preserve users, environmental sustainability and financial sustainability and partnerships.


Many funded projects in the annual CIP update are identified in comprehensive plans and needs assessments for the Forest Preserves’ recreation facilities, buildings, bridges, trails and other amenities. Some are identified as part of master plans for specific sites. In some cases, more detailed planning, assessment, architectural and engineering design and cost estimating may be needed before projects can advance.


The number of funded projects is also limited by the amount of available capital funding, which can vary from year to year.


A draft CIP update is posted on the Forest Preserves website late in the year after the corporate budget is approved by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County Board of Commissioners. A final update to the CIP is posted early in the following year.


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Notes on specific requests:

  • Off-Leash Dog Areas: There are currently no plans to create additional off-leash dog areas, though requests for improvements to existing off-leash dog areas will be considered.
  • Model Airplane Flying Fields: There are currently no plans to create additional Model Airplane Flying Fields, though requests for improvements at existing locations will be considered. Please note that runways are repaved as the parking lots that serve these areas are repaved. Paving of unpaved parking lots or unpaved runways requires a more intensive competitive cost-benefit analysis that considers the estimated cost, the number of users and available funding.



Facilities, Amenities & Infrastructure Request Form

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