LaBagh Woods

Includes Sauganash Prairie Grove

The quiet of the trees, the river and the proximity to city residents make LaBagh a great destination for families.

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Winding through the center of LaBagh Woods, the North Branch of the Chicago River is the dominant feature of this Chicago forest preserve. Bridges and former railroad tracks (now converted to a gravel trail) mix with the quiet of the trees and wildflower-filled openings here. So close to so many city dwellers, LaBagh is a great destination for families.


Please note: In April 2019, the Forest Preserves of Cook County designated this site as alcohol free without a picnic or event permit. Learn more.


Enjoying LaBagh Woods

LaBagh Woods is an all-encompassing type of preserve. Visitors range from dog-walkers and runners to large picnic groups and families with young kids. North of Foster Avenue, this large area offers open space for games, picnic tables and shelters, primitive trails for walking and quiet natural areas to reflect and watch birds. The wooded riverbanks, bluffs and hills along the river add depth to the terrain.


Along the river, kids may be able to see duck families up close. Birders frequent the preserve, especially during the active May migration.


Picnickers and large groups can access LaBagh groves from parking lots off Cicero Avenue, just north of Foster. Open, mowed fields add activity space to the groves, each of which can accommodate groups between 200 and 350 people with permits. Indoor bathrooms are open from April through November.


Nature at LaBagh Woods

LaBagh Woods offers significant tree cover, with a mix of large oaks, maples and cottonwoods. Occasional sunny savannas and sedge meadows dot the wooded landscape, particularly toward the northeast of the site, an area known as Sauganash Prairie Grove. Some of these species-rich spots benefit from restoration by District volunteers, as do low-lying wetlands. Wild geranium, Indian plantain, turtlehead, blue flag iris, marsh blazing star and hop sedge all grow at LaBagh.

At the center of the site near the river, an oxbow slough fills the low bottomlands. During floods, the area takes on a primeval feel, like a southern swamp.

Birders explore the area during spring migration to view birds such as spring warblers, tanagers and sparrows. Cooper’s and red-tailed hawks have nested in these woods. Mink and other water-loving mammals patrol the river banks.

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  • Chicago, Illinois

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    Top Three Tips

    1. Picnic groups of 25 or more must obtain permits.
    2. A walk along the river affords glimpses of birds and water animals.
    3. The gravel railroad trail connects with the longer, paved Sauganash trail to the north.


    From I-94, take the exit for Foster Avenue (41C or 42, depending on direction). The entrance for the Irene Hernandez Picnic Grove is off Foster, east of the highway. The four other large picnic groves are located off Cicero, north of Foster. The entrance, marked with a sign for LaBagh Woods, takes drives over the highway to the parking areas.

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