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Free Afternoon Movie

Crabtree Nature Center building in Barrington Hills

Date & Time:

Sun, Aug 20 • 1 pm


Crabtree Nature Center
3 Stover Rd
Barrington, IL 60010 (view web map)


“The Magic Stump” is a documentary short that tells the story of an Illinois tree stump that’s attracted a phenomenal variety of wintering raptors through the years, including two rare Prairie Falcons. The goal of “The Magic Stump” is to draw attention to the raptors that winter in in Illinois’ agricultural landscape. The film is directed by Bob Dolgan (“Monty and Rose”), and the story is adapted from a Meadowlark article by Tyler Funk.


  • 847-381-6592
  • Crabtree.NatureCenter@cookcountyil.gov



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