Find Your Volunteer Match

two volunteers in the snow
Photo by Kris DaPra.

Our mix of programs gives you many options for volunteering in the Forest Preserves: Regularly or occasionally, at a nature center or in the woods, with a friend or to meet new people. Use these statements to help find the right volunteer opportunity for you:

Match Statements

I want to volunteer right away

I’m looking for an opportunity with a very flexible schedule

  • Ecological Stewardship – You decide which Stewardship Workdays to attend
  • Trail Watch – Volunteer on your schedule as long as you meet the minimum commitment
  • Adopt-A-Site – Volunteer on your schedule as long as you meet the minimum commitment
  • Community Science – You select the times you volunteer within the season

I’m looking for a short-term commitment

I’m passionate about helping the environment

I’m passionate about educating the public

  • Nature Centers – Volunteer to assist with special events or sign up for a longer term role

I enjoy being active

I want to learn new skills

I want to volunteer with my family

  • Ecological Stewardship – Most Stewardship Workdays allow children
  • Trail Watch – Family members of all ages can join you on your trail patrols
  • Adopt-A-Site – Taking care of a site is a great way for the entire family to volunteer together
  • Litter Obliterators – Perfect if you are looking for a one-time opportunity

I’m part of a group that wants to volunteer

I would like to volunteer on my own