Equestrian Activities

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The Forest Preserves offer more than 200 miles of multi-use trails ideal for experiencing the woods and grasslands of Cook County on horseback. Visitors can ride their own horses or take a guided tour with any of the six stables offering livery service.


Equestrian Annual Package

Every horse using the Forest Preserve trails is required to wear a horse tag. Each rider must also possess a rider’s license.


An Equestrian Annual package (includes ONE membership card (rider’s license) and ONE horse tag) may be purchased online or in person at Forest Preserve Headquarters  (Regular Hours: Monday through Friday – 8:30 am to 4:30 pm)


The cost for an Equestrian Annual package for Cook County residents is $34 and $49 for non-residents. Upon purchase, both the tag and membership card will be mailed to the address listed.


Please note: Multiple packages cannot be purchased online (the package includes ONE annual membership card (rider’s license) and ONE annual horse tag). Extra rider license(s) or tag(s) must be requested via paper application.

Purchase Equestrian Annual Package

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Equestrian Day Pass

The Forest Preserves of Cook County will offer an Equestrian Day Pass for riders who want to enjoy the trails for one day only. Riders with an Equestrian Day Pass are not required to purchase an annual horse tag or annual license if they are riding for one day only. Pass is valid on date of purchase and expires at the end of the following day. Passes must be carried at all times while riding in the Forest Preserves.


Riders can purchase a pass online or in person at Forest Preserve Headquarters (Regular Hours: Monday through Friday – 8:30 am to 4:30 pm).



  • $4 – Cook County Resident
  • $5 – Non Resident

Purchase Equestrian Day Pass

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Horse Stables with Livery Service on Forest Preserve Property


Memory Lane
8290 S. Kean Avenue
Willow Springs, IL 60480
(708) 372-6472
Contact: Cathy or Billy


Forest View Farms
16717 S. Lockwood
Tinley Park, IL 60477
(708) 560-0306
Contact: James Larsen


Sarah’s Pony Rides
8220 S. Kean Avenue
Willow Springs, IL 60480


Fitzjoy Farm
12211 S. Lagrange Road
Palos Park, IL 60264
(708) 361-7977
Contact: Pat Doyle


A-Ranch 394 Inc.
1465 Glenwood-Lansing Rd.
Chicago Heights, IL 60411
(708) 895-1810
Contact: Debbie Hansen




Indian Boundary Division

  • DAM #1 (north of picnic shelters) – Dundee Road, east of Milwaukee Avenue
  • BIG BEND LAKE – East River Road, south of Golf Road
North Branch Division

  • LINNE WOODS – Dempster Street, east of Lehigh Avenue
  • TOWER ROAD BOAT RAMP – Tower Road, east of Edens Expy.
  • CALVIN R. SUTKER GROVE – Golf Road & Woods Drive, Skokie
  • GLEN GROVE EQUESTRIAN CENTER – 9451 Harms Rd, Morton Grove
Northwest Division

  • DEER GROVE #1 – Quentin Rd., north of Dundee Rd.
  • BODE ROAD – Northeast corner of Bode Road & Route 59
Palos Division

  • DAN MCMAHON WOODS – 107th St., west of LaGrange Rd.
  • HIDDEN POND WOODS (EAST) – Kean Ave., north of 95th St.
  • COUNTRY LANE WOODS – 95th St., east of 104th Ave.
  • CAMP KIWANIS – 9700 104th Ave, Illinois and Michigan Canal, Willow Springs
Sag Valley Division

  • FORTY ACRE WOODS, 119th St., east of 96th Ave.
  • PALOS PARK WOODS (NORTH) – Kean Ave., south of Rt. 83
  • HORSETAIL LAKE – 104th Ave., north of 123rd St.
  • SWALLOW CLIFF WOODS – Rt. 83, West of LaGrange Rd.
Thorn Creek Division

  • SWEET WOODS – Cottage Grove, south of 183rd St.




All horseback riders on Forest Preserve trails must have in their possession a rider’s license issued by the Forest Preserves of Cook County.


All horses, whether privately owned or livery horses, must be licensed when ridden on Forest Preserve bridle trails. The tag must be affixed to the left-hand side of the bridle.

We ask all those who aspire to good horsemanship to observe the following:

  1. Walk horses between stable and trail.
  2. Be courteous and considerate.
  3. Slow to a walk or slow trot when meeting other riders, hikers or bicyclists.
  4. Do not race horses – always keep horses under control.
  5. Stallions are not permitted on trails.
  6. Be humane and kind to your horse.
  7. The ONLY PERMITTED GAITS are walk, trot or slow canter. No galloping, please.
  9. Keep to the right of trail.

Failure to follow these rules could result in revocation of license.



See Rules and Regulations Here



Equestrian sites in the Forest Preserves of Cook County.

Visit two of the treasures of the Forest Preserves of Cook County